The Education Core provides education and training for the clinical research community through the delivery of courses, events, webinars and Open Educational Resources (OERs).

Our aim is to provide an extensive programme of education for all individuals involved in clinical research that promotes and inspires excellence. We provide courses, webinars and events that cover a wide variety of topics, including: 

  • planning and conducting research
  • collecting and analysing data 
  • effectively communicating findings.

Our courses are open to all who are involved or interested in clinical research, regardless of academic level, discipline, profession or organisation. We are also developing a range of digital Open Educational Resources (OERs) relating to clinical research that can be used and repurposed freely. 

The Education Core works closely with NHS Lothian and University of Edinburgh colleagues, as well as other Clinical Research Facilities, academic institutions and industry partners, to ensure that the education provided is current, relevant and meets the requirements of local and national clinical research communities.

Information and booking for courses and events run by Edinburgh Clinical Research Facility

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A repository of free Open Educational Resources relating to clinical research


A webinar series highlighting the successes, challenges and lessons learnt delivering clinical research in Edinburgh during the Covid-19 pandemic

A webinar series delivered by the ACCORD Office highlighting updates in R&D process and practice.

Education Blog

Find out more about the activities of the Education Core by visiting our blog:

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Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries about our courses, webinars, events, OERs or you would like to contribute to our programme. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic the team is working from home and can be contacted by email: