The Genetics Core is staffed and equipped to provide secure receipt, processing, archiving and analysis of biological samples. Our team can provide support for your clinical research from sample collection to genetic analysis, working to the principles of Good Clinical Practice for Laboratories. We aim to be a centre of excellence for quality assured genomic research.

About our Genomic Platforms

A picture of a technician using a Qiagen QiaCube automated nucleic acid extraction platform

Find out more about our options for DNA and RNA extractions and about how we track and store samples

A picture of an Illumina NextSeq2000

Find out more about our short-read and long-read sequencing options on our Illumina and Oxford Nanopore systems

A picture of a technician standing by the Stilla Technologies Naica digital PCR platform

Find out more about our digital PCR services using the Stilla Naica system

Image of an Illumina array scanning

Find out more about running high-throughput genotyping and methylation arrays on our Illumina iScan

A picture showing genotyping clusters generated by the QuantStudio platform

Find our more about low-throughput genotyping options and qPCR using our QuantStudio5