Taqman genotyping

We run taqman genotyping assays and qPCR on our QuantStudio5 from Life Technologies. This long-established technology allows for reliable calling of Single Nucleotide Polymorpohisms (SNPs) and measurement of gene expression using a large number of validated and custom assays.

For more information on Taqman genotyping please contact Angie Fawkes or Lee Murphy

A picture of the QuantStudio 5

About Taqman SNP genotyping assays

Taqman genotyping is a fanastic technology for low-numbers of SNPs, especially on large sample numbers, and for validating findings from arrays and sequencing. 

We perform genotyping, in 384-well plates, using the TaqMan polymerase chain reaction-based method. This uses allelic discrimination based on the design of two TaqMan probes, one specific for the wild type allele and one for the alternate mutant allele. Each of the two probes is labelled with a different fluorescent tag (FAM and VIC), and each is designed with the gene mutation affecting the middle part of the probe sequence. The binding efficiency of the wild type TaqMan probe to the mutant allele and vice versa is low due to the mismatch within the TaqMan probe and the target sequence; therefore, mismatched binding is highly reduced and can differentiate between the variants. 

There are more than 17 million predesigned assays from a variety of species, or we can help design a custom assay. 

Our most popular Taqman genotyping is for determining APOE status, using rs7412 and rs429358, these are variants that do not work very well on standard microarrays.