MRI Suite

With our three MRI scanners we are fully equipped for Neuroimaging, Imaging of Cardiovascular Diseases, Pregnancy related disorders, Psychiatric disorders, Liver conditions, Pulmonary diseases and Oncologic disorders.

Imaging MRI Scanner

We have three MRI scanners:

  • 1.5T MRI system, (GE Signa Horizon HDxt), optimised for structural and functional brain imaging but also equipped for body imaging.
  • 3T MRI system (Siemens Prisma), neuro-optimised high resolution research focused system.
  • 3T wide-bore whole body MRI system (Siemens Verio), which allows us to study a broad range of body areas.

Who to contact?

Contact Professor Ian Marshall for further details about the 1.5T and 3T neuro-optimised scanners

Contact Dr Scott Semple for details about the 3T wide-bore scanner

Edinburgh Imaging

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