Epidemiology and Statistics

The Epidemiology and Statistics Core aims to improve the methodological quality of research projects through the provision of expert statistical input.

The Epidemiology and Statistics Core is staffed by full time statisticians who provide advice and guidance to researchers, input into the design of studies as well as conduct statistical analysis. Working closely with investigators we are able to provide support at all stages of a research project. We tailor advice and support to suit the requirements of every project.

Study Design

Contact us during the design phase of your study and we will provide expert input into applications for funding, ethical approval or regulatory submission. The type of services we can offer include:

  • Choice of study design and methodology including analysis plans.
  • Sample size/power calculations
  • Choice of outcome measures

Study Conduct

In order to ensure the highest data quality, we can provide advice on many aspects of a study’s conduct, including:

  • Design and maintenance of databases
  • Choice of range and logic checks
  • Data preparation for analysis including:
    • Formatting
    • Resolving data queries
    • Correcting errors

Analysis and report writing

Our statisticians can provide complete statistical analysis for your study or provide support and advice to enable you to perform analysis yourself. We can also advise on the presentation of statistical methods and results for dissemination to all levels of audience.

Who can apply and when?

Applications are encouraged from all disciplines, levels of experience (novices planning your first study to seasoned researchers), locations (WGH, RIE, Lothian and further afield) and also from all types of healthcare researchers (Doctors, Nurses, Allied Health Professionals and academics).

We encourage researchers to discuss their study’s requirements as early as possible, ideally during the process of study design.

Contact Cat Graham for further information or to apply

Clinic Service

Our Statistics Clinic is a new service which provides an opportunity to meet with a statistician for a brief consultation. Please note this will take place at the WTCRF on a Wednesday 2-4pm and bookings are available for 30 minute time slots.

 Please complete the Statistics application form if you wish to attend (42.56 KB Word)