Research During the Pandemic Webinars

A webinar series highlighting the successes, challenges and lessons learnt delivering clinical research in Edinburgh during the Covid-19 pandemic

This webinar series commenced in October 2020 and has been created collaboratively between Edinburgh Clinical Research Facility and the NHS Lothian ACCORD Office. 


Webinar 1: The ACCORD Office and how we managed our response to Covid

1st October 2020

Dr Heather Charles and Paul Dearie discuss how The ACCORD Office managed their response during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic to support clinical research in Edinburgh; from adapting to new ways of working, having to halt research studies, supporting Covid-19 related studies and supporting the re-start of studies. This session reflects on the challenges, successes and lessons learned during the period from March-September 2020. 


Webinar 2: The ISARIC Study

29th October 2020

Dr Annemarie Docherty, Wellcome Fellow and Consultant in Critical Care discusses the ISARIC study. This observational study has recruited approximately two thirds of patients of all ages admitted to hospital in the UK with Covid-19 and has been used to understand the changing epidemiology of Covid-19, and inform government bodies in near-real time.


Webinar 3: Providing a Genomics Platform for Covid Research 

10th November 2020

Lee Murphy, the Head of the Genetics Core, Edinburgh Clinical Research Facility, discusses the work of the Genetics Core during the Covid-19 pandemic, highlighting the way the Core adapted their work to contribute towards Covid studies. 


Webinar 4: How expedited processes that came in for Covid speeded things up & what will happen when these return to normal

26th November 2020

Alex Bailey discusses how expedited processes that came in for Covid speeded things up & what will happen when things return to normal.


Webinar 5: Doing the best we can; Clinical research staff's activity to date in the Covid 19 pandemic

10th December 2020

Miranda Odam and Steve McSwiggan discuss the work of clinical research staff during the COVID 19 pandemic. Looking at the work done with the initial Covid Research Group as an example of forward and adaptable planning, the pressure of screening and recruiting to UPH badged projects, and the clinical pull of staff including the reprioritisation of research and its visibility.


​​​​​​Webinar 6: Grant opportunities and funding landscape changes in the Covid-19 era

19th January 2021

Dr Andy Liken and Al Innes from the Edinburgh Research Office (ERO) take us through the changes to the current funding landscape. Highlighting some of the grant opportunities that exist in the Covid-19 era as well as some of the cuts to funding from organisations and charities. Our ERO experts provide a heap of resources and support to help make this experience as painless as possible.


Webinar 7: Medicines Regulation: Covid-19 and Beyond

4th February 2021

Professor Stuart Ralston discusses medicines regulation in his role as Chair of the Commission on Human Medicines


Webinar 8: Monitoring During a Pandemic

4th March 2021

Elizabeth Craig, Senior Clinical Trials Monitor in ACCORD, discusses the way she and her team adapted ways of working to ensure Sponsor oversight of clinical trials whilst working remotely. She discusses the question: Can you maintain Sponsor oversight without leaving home?


Webinar 9: Multi-site research across 3 nations during a Pandemic

20th April 2021

Katie Wells, the National Coordinator for the PREVENT Dementia Programme, discusses her role in managing multiple study sites across 3 nations during the Covid-19 pandemic. She describes how the research has been impacted by the pandemic and the steps taken to restart this important healthy volunteer research. 


Webinar 10: Living through Covid - a reflection from a Nurse Director's perspective

20th May 2021

Professor Alex MaMahon, Executive Nurse Director for NHS Lothian, reflects on the Covid pandemic from his perspective. This webinar was delivered to celebrate International Clinical Trials Day 2021. 


Webinar 11: Setting up a Covid Vaccination Programme

28th July 2021

During this webinar, Ellie Hunter (Clinical Vaccination Manager) and Pat Wynne (Director of Nursing Primary and Community Care) discuss the challenges and successes of setting up the Covid Vaccination Programme in NHS Lothian and explore future plans. 


Webinar 12: Research, Covid 19 and Beyond

22nd September 2021

Sheila Morris, Lead Research Nurse Infectious Diseases in NHS Lothian, discusses her 30 year research career spanning the HIV Pandemic through to the Covid 19 Pandemic. She reflects on the research delivered over the past year.


Webinar 13: Reflections on managing research during the pandemic

22nd December 2021

Professor Tim Walsh reflects on his experience as NHS Lothian R&D Director during the Covid 19 pandemic. 


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