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Edinburgh Clinical Research Methodology Course (ECRMC) 2024

The 10th Edinburgh Clinical Research Methodology Course is a two-day introductory course providing a comprehensive overview of methods and frameworks essential for conducting clinical research, recognising the diversity of approaches from randomised controlled trials through to qualitative methods. Participants will learn how to integrate Patient and Public Involvement into research design and delivery, as well as how to effectively engage with industry partners to advance research and promote innovation.

The course will consist of interactive lectures and opportunities for delegates to network with distinguished researchers, all of whom are recognised experts in their field.

Edinburgh Clinical Research Methodology Course (ECRMC) Programme  (Subject to change)


Target Audience

It is relevant to professionals across all levels of Medical, Surgical, and Veterinary specialties, as well as Nurses, Midwives, Pharmacists, Primary Care and Allied Health Professionals.


Course Objectives

  • Introduced to different frameworks currently required to perform clinical research
  • Provided with an overview of different research methodologies, enabling you to start to evaluate which are most suitable for you research projects
  • Provided with practical advice on designing, securing funding for, delivering and maximising the impact of your  research, along with strategies for pursuing a successful career in clinical academia.
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  • NHS/Academic = £225 
  • Optional dinner on 30/09/24 = £30
  • Industry (inc. Dinner) = £480

There is a cancellation date of 30 July 2024.  You will still be charged if you cancel after this date. 

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