Fully-funded places on our courses - Terms and Conditions

A limited number of fully-funded places are available on some of our courses. The below Terms and Conditions apply.

  1. If there are Funded places available on a course, this will be indicated in the course fees section of the course description. You must select the Funded Place option when booking. If the option is not available, this means all places have already been allocated.  
  2. Funded places are available only to staff and students of the University of Edinburgh (UoE) and NHS Lothian (NHSL).  To be eligible to book one of these places, you must provide an active UoE or NHSL email address with your booking.  
  3. If you book and have a confirmed funded place on one of these courses, you agree to the following:  
    • to attend the course on time and for the duration of the course;  
    • to provide at least 14 days’ notice in the event you are unable to attend the course;  
    • to contact us as soon as possible if you have to cancel your attendance at short notice for any reason.                                                                          We reserve the right to charge an admin fee, if you fail to comply to the above.
  4. Funded places are non-transferable. We operate a waiting list for over-subscribed courses.  If you are unable to attend, please contact us so that we can cancel your place and make it available to someone on the waiting list.  
  5. If you fail to attend a course without adequate notice, we reserve the right to make a charge up to the value of that place, based on the Academic/NHS rate for the course.  
  6. If there are no funded places available, you can still book and pay for a place on the course.  
  7. Alternatively, you can ask to be added to a Funded Places waiting list by emailing us from an active UoE or NHSL email address. If a Funded place becomes available, we will offer it the next person on the waiting list. The offer will be available to that person for a limited period before offering out to the next person, and so on.  However, if a Funded place becomes available at very short notice (i.e. the week of the course), the full waiting list will be notified and places will be offered on a first-come-first served basis.  
  8. Please note that you cannot request a refund for a paid place in order to take up a place from the Funded Places waiting list. We will not accept a request to join the Funded Places waiting list from anyone who has already booked and paid for a place.  
  9. If the course is fully booked, eligible people may join the waiting lists for both funded and paid places.  If you are offered and take up a place from one waiting list, you will be removed from the other.  
  10. Please note that some courses may be cancelled or postponed. We reserve the right to: 
    • amend or cancel courses; 
    • change the course location/delivery mode; 
    • change or amend course structure or content. 
  11. For cancelled courses, participants will be given an option of transferring to the next course date or having a full refund of the fee. The Education Core will not be liable for any losses (including travel and accommodation costs) as a result of cancellation or postponed courses, and therefore recommend you have the appropriate travel insurance.