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GCP for Laboratories


This course is intended primarily for lab staff who handle human samples but is also suitable for research nurses and other staff who regularly process bloods, use centrifuges and store samples.

University of Edinburgh clinical research labs that analyse samples from Clinical Trials of Investigational Products (CTIMPs) i.e. drug trials, must comply with the principles of GCLP and these labs are open to inspection by the Medicines and Healthcare Products regulatory Agency (MHRA).

However, it is desirable for staff in any lab, or area that handles and stores human samples, to be aware of GCLP and comply as far as possible.


Scott Denham 


* There are a limited number of fully-funded places available on this course for University of Edinburgh (UoE) and NHS Lothian (NHSL) staff and students. To be eligible for one of the funded places, you must provide an active UoE or NHSL email address.  Terms and Conditions apply.

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There is a cancellation date of 08/05/2024. If you cancel after this date, you will still be charged. 

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